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ARGON – Antibiotic Resistance in GONococci

ARGON (Antibiotic Resistance in GONococci) is intended to investigate the level of resistance in N.gonorrhoeae to antimicrobials this infection is commonly treated with.

It is the pilot study of such a kind in Russia. Susceptibility of 100 strains isolated from ambulatory patients was determined to

  • penicillin G
  • tetracyclin
  • ciprofloxacin
  • ceftriaxone

An Information Bulletin «Antibiotic Susceptibility of Gonococci and the Optimum treatment of gonococcal infection» was issued in 1998 by the IACMAC in collaboration with Russian Association for Prophylaxis of Sexually Transmitted Diseases on the base of obtained results.

The monitoring of the resistance of N.gonorrhoeae to antimicrobials will be proceeded in several geographically separated areas of Russia, first of all Moscow and Smolensk.

Contact person - Dr Serge Sekhin


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