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CRoCha («Baby») - study of the nasopharyngeal carriage
of the S.pneumoniae and H.influenzae in healthy children

The rate of nasopharyngeal carriage of S.pneumoniae and H.influenzae in healthy children attending day-care centers in Moscow, Smolensk and Yartcevo (Smolensk region) was studied and the resistance to antimicrobials determined in 1997-1998.

A total of 733 children at the age of 1-6 years from 10 day-care centers were examined and 410 strains of S.pneumoniae and 321 strains of H.influenzae were isolated. The resistance to beta-lactams, macrolides, tetracycline and co-trimoxazole was defined. At present time data obtained are being processed and analyzed for the publication.

Contact person - Dr Olga Kretchikova


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